Where my Vibrant Journey Started…

Real talk. When I say this I mean it… I’ve been through it all.

I’ve been labeled and I have been told my chronic pain issues ”were all in my head”. I’ve gone the medical route and felt disempowered, alone and basically the opposite of vibrant. I did the tests, took the medications, but nothing worked. 


Healing was not linear for me. I struggled for years with chronic pain, hormonal issues, gut problems, anxiety and depression. It felt like whack-a-mole one symptom would subside and another would pop up. 


I started to realize there were two sides to this issue: the medical model and the holistic model. I looked at the medical model first, which was disempowering and then I looked at the holistic model and it was empowering. 

I had my answer. 

Now when I say I had the answer it wasn’t exactly as clear as that, but the great thing was I had found people out in the world with these same issues I was facing and they had had that same deep down feeling that told them a “pill” wasn’t always the answer. It took me almost a decade of research (I’m talking hundreds of hours) and eventually going back to school (in my mid-thirties with two kids in tow) for nutrition to learn all about the holistic side of healing and how empowering it could be to take control of not only my health, but my life. 


I no longer struggle with chronic pain, menstrual issues, digestive problems, and I have learned to live alongside anxiety and depression. I understand what it’s like to be in pain for years and have no one believe you, or worse, treat you like you’re crazy. 


So yeah… I have been through it all, probably just like you have.


The good news is that I LOVE helping people, I know how exhausting it can be to ‘try’ all the things and not feel any better. What works for one person will not work for the next. You need to feel like someone has your back, that your health problems are real and that you are …. and I truly believe you are worth looking after. You are worth feeling good about. You have a life that’s worth protecting and extending.


Everything above has made me a better person and a better practitioner and I can’t wait for you to discover 

A happier, more Vibrant YOU!

Credentials, Experience & Expertise

I’m a student for life, I’m always looking for new information. I’m a bit of a detective when it comes to health and lifestyle, if you have an issue I will find the answer. My husband calls me the Sherlock Holmes

 of  Nutrition.


I graduated IHN in 2021 with Honours as well as received a Culinary Nutrition Certification with Honours in 2018. I also went on to become a Fermentation Expert with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. At the time I taught cooking classes and helped people overcome skin issues. 

My kids also gave me a mug for Mother's Day stating I’m the “world's best MOM” so that's something to mention...

The Fun Stuff


B.S.B formally known as Backstreet Boys. I was front row centre way back in ‘97

Favorite Netflix show

“The only problem is whenever I try to make a taco, I get too excited and crush it.” — Kevin Malone


Has to be the Office


French press coffee, Sam Cooke record and a home and garden magazine oh! And a good pair of sweats! Hello, introvert


Anywhere hot, humid close to the ocean  ...and of course a margarita! Nutritionists can have fun too!

You'd Never Guess

I originally went to school for interior design. Now it’s more of a hobby. If you stand still long enough, I’ll decorate you.